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Express production of samples fitted with PCB

Your agreed price offer till 12:00 pm will be processed by submitting the production of samples fitted with PCB the same day.
The stated times of production of samples fitted with PCB are valid only on Monday - Friday working days.

Production conditions of PCB samples
Maximum number of boards: 3 pieces (up to a maximum area of 4 dm2)

PCB parameters:
number of layers: maximum 6
solder mask
print: 1-2x
surface treatment: chemical gold
material: FR-4
minimum joint thickness: 120 µm
minimum insulation gap thickness: 120 µm
minimum annulus thickness: 120 µm
Minimum bore: 0.25 mm

PCB gerber RS274-X data Pads, Altium
component list: Excel (Farnell reference)
assembly drawing: pdf
listing component coordinates with reference and rotation angle
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